3d realistic human eyeball render, brown eye color3d human eyes render, brown eye color, environment reflection

This is high detailed 3d human eye. The model was made in 3ds Max, and the final images were rendered with Mental Ray. I modeled in real-world scale so the eyeball size is approximately 2,5 cm. This eye helps to capture the personality of my 3d characters, it will bring life to my models. There are 90 iris color variations, I used photo references for all the iris’ for best results. This long list of different eye colors really helps me to quickly change the iris colors of my characters and find the best one.

big list of eyes, lot of eyeballs in different eye colors

For a more realistic effect, the iris and pupil are not symmetrical. I use a Morpher modifier to control the pupil dilation:

Change Pupil Dilation with Morpher Modifier

eye animation with pupil dilation

Here is an example of the eyeball in my Male Body character. The real human eye is not symmetrical, although my main eye sphere model is symmetrical and has a rotating pivot inside so as to be user-friendly. The pupil has a deform modifier to break the symmetry, as in real life the left and the right eye have differently shaped pupils. I also made a wet part with a specular effect on the eyelid and on the tear duct to increase the realistic feeling. My experience is that eye reflection and specular are very important in order to achieve the lifelike impression of a 3d character.

3d eye look3d eye look

The eyeball is based on 4 separate objects: cornea, eyeball, pupil, and rotating pivot. The model has SSS shader and textures + HDRI environment map for realistic reflections:

eye wireframe, cornea, eyeball, iris, pupil
eye textures, color, backscatter, subdermal, epidermal, specular, normal

This eyeball model is available here:

The LITE version of the eye includes 4 eyes

The PRO version of the eye includes 90 eyes