escaped soldier ready for revenge with gun and axe

Captain Patterson is a Pilot who is being held as a prisoner of war in a Jail. The soldier is ready for revenge after he has escaped. The base mesh was created in Maya and Marvelous Designer before being sculpted in ZBrush. Then the game character was rendered in Marmoset Toolbag. You can check the ZBrush character sculpting:

escaped soldier ready for revenge with gun and axeescaped soldier ready for revenge with gun and axesoldier head waxing hair in marmoset toolbag

soldier beard stubble hair wiferamesoldier in marmoset toolbagsoldier in marmoset toolbagsoldier boot

Check out the soldier in Marmoset Viewer:

For the game character I created several Blend Shapes in Maya:

Maya Blend Shapes

The character contains about 26 500 polygons (triangles). The head and body have separate PBR texture sets (albedo map, normal map, specular map, metalness map, glossiness map, opacity map, occlusion map) – (4096 x 4096). For a more realistic result in Marmoset Toolbag, I used SSS (Subsurface scattering) shader, the shader has translucency and fuzz map.

3d soldier PBR texture and uv maps
The 3d character is available here:—character-rigged-max/1114745?referral=Andor-Kollar