Chinese man head, game character in 3d

This is a low polygon Chinese man character. The character has 7200 polygons (triangles) and comes 2048 x 2048 set of textures.

Chinese man wear blue chinese suit, game character in 3d

Chinese man head, game character in 3dChinese man head wireframe, low polygon game character in 3d

The traditional Chinese suit was sculpted in ZBrush.

Chinese man and chinese suit sculpting in ZBrush

For the Chinese button knot, I used a line-controlled mesh to create a real knot. After I made an appropriate UV layout then I added the fabric details in ZBrush used NoiseMaker.

Chinese Button Knot 3d ZBrush

Chinese man head turntable

Chinese man head wireframe turntable

Low polygon chinese man head texture and uv
Low polygon blue chinese suit texture and uv