Agrael from Heroes of Might and Magic V, demon lord with red flaming swords
Agrael is a Demon Hero of Inferno Campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic V

Agrael_avatarAgrael rose rapidly through the ranks of Demon cultists to become a trusted right hand of the Demon Sovereign. His detractors call him reckless and over-ambitious, but Agrael’s measured aggressiveness has made him a feared and respected leader in battle. He will attack when a good opportunity presents itself, and does not hesitate to take risks when the rewards are commensurate.

Agrael’s Helmet, the image rendered in 3ds Max with V-Ray

Helmet of Agrael, Fantasy Demon Greek Roman Warrior

The character was modelled in Maya in T-pose

Agrael screenshot from Maya T-poseAgrael screenshot from Maya T-pose