If you change the type of shader in Hypershade, Maya discards every time the name of your shader. So if you had a Lambert shader called “my_shader”, and you changed it to a Blinn shader, your shader would be automatically renamed “blinn1”.  If you don’t like this just go this folder:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya(version)\scripts\AETemplates and open AEshaderTypeNew.mel

Find this line (at the very bottom):

delete $shaderNode;

And add this line just after:

rename $replaceNode $shaderNode;

And Maya will keep the name of your existing shader!

You can add Self Separator to your custom Maya shelf. Just open your custom shelf file and put these lines between two items.

Maya Shelf Separator

        -enable 1
        -width 12
        -height 35
        -manage 1
        -visible 1
        -preventOverride 0
        -enableBackground 0
        -backgroundColor 0 0 0 
        -highlightColor 0.321569 0.521569 0.65098 
        -style "shelf" 
        -horizontal 0

I think the smart selective XRay in the viewport is very useful, for instance for retopology. With this script you can use XRay only for selected meshes.

Smart selective XRay in Maya

You can save this MEL script to shelf:

string $sel[];
int $temp[];
int $value;
$sel = `ls -sl -dag -ap -typ surfaceShape`;
for ($obj in $sel){
$temp = `displaySurface -q -xRay $obj`;
displaySurface -xRay 0 $obj;
displaySurface -xRay 1 $obj;

In Maya viewport the selected object has always wireframe. You can turn on/off this wireframe. Sometimes you don’t want see the wireframe when you rotate the object or check the texture, also you can edit the verticles without see the wireframe.

Maya editing object and wireframe turn off

You can put this MEL script to shelf:

string $wires = `displayPref -q -wsa`;
 if ($wires == "none")
 displayPref -wsa "full";
 displayPref -wsa "none";