Andor Kollar Soviet Officer smoking ww2Andor Kollar Soviet Officer, smoking ww2, hat on head
The character of WW2 soldier designed for a game. For design I used original World War 2 soviet uniform and soldiers equipments from refecence photos. The basic high polygon mesh for this work was created in Maya and then sculpted in ZBrush. Marmoset Toolbag rendered the final images. I used PBR shaders and textures to really bring this character to life.

Andor Kollar Soviet Officer Soldier full body uniform hat ww2
Andor Kollar Soviet Officer Uniform belt holster buttons Soviet Officer Rank gold red star Andor Kollar Soviet Officer Hat with Soviet Badges Soviet Button Soviet Boots ww2

ZBrush BPR renders

Andor Kollar Soviet Officer Head with Hat in ZBrushAndor Kollar Soviet Officer Uniform full body in ZBrushAndor Kollar Soviet Officer Uniform full body in ZBrush Andor Kollar Soviet Officer Head in ZBrush


Andor-Kollar_Soviet-Officer_Trousers_zbrush_1 Andor-Kollar_Soviet-Officer_Trousers_zbrush_2Andor-Kollar_Soviet-Officer_Boots_zbrush

Modelling workflow. The base high polygon control mesh and UV map was created in Maya and the details sculpted in ZBrush, for micro details I used NoiseMaker with custom fabric textures. Then the low polygon geometry was created in 3ds Max, textured in Photoshop, rendered the final images in Marmoset Toolbag.

Modeling workflow, high polygon, ZBrush, low polygon
Vladimirovich_screenshot_5Vladimirovich_screenshot_2Vladimirovich_screenshot_1Vladimirovich_Holster_6Vladimirovich_Soviet_BadgesVladimirovich_Soviet_ButtonSoviet Rank Maya
Wireframe images

Andor-Kollar_Soviet-Officer_wireframe_2 Game Character Soviet Officer Soldier wireframe

The character contains about 39 000 polygons (triangles). Head, body and hat has separate PBR texture sets (albedo map, normal map, specular map, metalness map, glossiness map, opacity map, occlusion map) – (4096 x 4096). For more realistic result in Marmoset Toolbag I used SSS (Subsurface scattering) shader, the shader has translucency and fuzz map. The transmission map made in Knald.

Game character PBR textures set

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