The Soviet Union often inspired loyalty within its military ranks. Few cared for Mother Russia more than Sergeant Anton Kuklov. For this character I used the face of Barry Pepper as reference. This is low polygon next-gen game character. The basic high polygon mesh for this work was created in Maya and then sculpted in ZBrush. Marmoset Toolbag rendered the final images. I used PBR shaders and textures to really bring this man to life.






The original concept piece was done by the talented Gustavo Torqueto


The character contains about 38 000 polygons (triangles). Head and body has separate PBR texture sets (albedo map, normal map, specular map, metalness map, glossiness map, opacity map, occlusion map) – (4096 x 4096). For more realistic result in Marmoset Toolbag I used SSS (Subsurface scattering) shader, the shader has translucency and fuzz map. The transmission map made in Knald.


— 2015 —